Frequently Asked Questions:

Is this fortune telling?

No.  While tarot card readings are generally forward-looking, I will not tell you the name of your future spouse, who will win a sporting event, or who the next president will be.  What I can do is help you to unlock the answers inside you regarding paths in life you are taking, choices you are making, and decisions you are considering.   Why give away your power of free will to someone else when you can harness your own power to embrace and own your life's journey!

Will a tarot reading predict death or scary things?

No.  There are no bad or good cards, and in fact, some of the scarier-looking cards can actually herald the most positive change.  Each card is interpreted specifically for you and your particular question.  I do not use stock or canned interpretations, but rather look at each card chosen in the context of your reading.

Can you get an accurate reading for me if I'm on the other side of the world and just talking to you over the phone?

Yes!  Have you ever received a phone call from a family member 3,000 miles away? Before they even begin to speak, you can sense their energy. In the same way, I am tapping into your energy over the phone. In fact, readings done over the phone can sometimes be even more accurate because I am drawing the cards on your behalf. When clients draw their own cards, they might second-guess themselves, whereas I act as the unbiased instrument of your subconscious without fear of second-guessing which cards to pick.

Will I get a copy of the reading afterwards?

You will receive a recording of the session as an Mp3 file via e-mail.  You will also receive a summary sheet of everything discussed as well as a photo of the final tarot card layout.

During the reading, will I get to participate?

Absolutely!  A tarot reading is an interactive process.  We will discuss each card as it appears in the layout.  Your insights are as important as mine.  

Can I just do a tarot reading on myself?

While you can certainly use tarot in your everyday life, it helps from time to time to have an outsider with no bias interpret a reading on your behalf.  Our conscious minds can talk over the subconscious and rationalize anything.  This makes for a difficult reading when you are trying to do one for yourself.

How often do you recommend getting a reading?

I do not recommend getting more than one reading within a 3-month period as it can muddle the initial reading and lead to confusion.  This also gives you time for the reading to play itself out.  

Over phone or Zoom, do I need to have a tarot deck with me when you are doing the reading?

No.  During the reading, you can either look up the chosen cards on the internet so we can review them together, or I can describe them to you over the phone. 

Do you do tarot readings for events?

Absolutely! I do readings at corporate events, celebrations, bachelorette parties, bridal showers, get-togethers, holiday parties and more nationwide. Event readings tend to be short (3-10 minutes per person) to allow for the maximum number of people to be read. I would just need an area at the event that is quiet enough for guests to hear their readings.  Due to the global situation, however, I am currently doing events primarily via Zoom.  In addition to the readings, virtual events come with a summary of everything discussed and photo of the final tarot card layout. 

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